September 30, 2021

Have you got permission for that?


Permission to dream?

I recognize that as we grow, we don't just physically develop. Our emotions and ways of thinking mutate with us. Prominently, what mutates more often is our value of other people's opinions. A conscience to how we dress, talk and express ourselves ascends to dictate our overall living. Think about it. Most people want a nice car, job, wife or husband, and a shit ton of money. Why? To show that they are living a good and successful" life.

Remember when you were younger? Remember when you gave yourself permission to dream?! "I want to be an astronaut!" he said. "I want to be a famous actor!" she said. "I want to be a gangsta- !.. Well, I didn't say all dreams were great ideas. The point is for a time we saw no limitations. We believed that we could be!

So when do we lose this power to dream? Is it the first time someone called you ugly? Was it the time he said your idea was stupid? If I have learned anything, it is that human opinion is the least reliable resource. It can be swayed, manipulated, and bias. Yet find ourselves in search of validation. Grasping comfort not in who we are but rather in what is deemed acceptable. 

As we grow, these ideals water the seeds of fear in our lives. These seeds root themselves in our very core and affect who we truly are. So as I wrote this today, I wanted you to think back to when you were young. Those feelings of courage to explore what makes you happy. The courage to do the ridiculous! Courage to put on household items and imagine we were flying with stars?

This was our theme for the shoot. That epic freedom! I invited Viki over, we set up by my living room window. I hadn't seen her for almost a decade. So I asked, "what has been the biggest change in your life?". She spoke about the growth and becoming more aware of those around her. I found a resemblance to that of a flower, as something that grows only for itself, without note of the opinions of other flowers. It just blossoms. In the end, aren't we all like flowers? 

As creatives, entrepreneurs, or just people, we need to allow ourselves that permission to dream again. If you do and let your dreams blossom through hard work, patience, and integrity. Everything will fall in place.

Permission to Dream? Permission Granted!