September 9, 2021

Cut the chat! This is London!


Having spent the last 6 months photographing some serious projects for some of the UK's iconic legends, influencers, and heroes of the public eye, I have to say it was great being in an environment where everyone could just have some fun. In the end, whether you are a celebrity superstar like me or an average joe like yourself (hence why you have time to be reading my blog) we're all human right?? Only joking haha, I'm trynna be like you when I grow up!

BUT SERIOUSLY! Seeing our icons, friends, brothers, sisters, or whatever you will get together to just have fun for a good cause was just great to see. I thought in the same spirit, why not open up my blog in a similar manner because honestly, we shouldn't take life too seriously. Life is for living and enjoying and just sharing that with as many people as we can. I had been postponing writing on a blog as I was waiting for the groundbreaking idea and realized it's when we try too hard to create perfection we end up not doing at all. So kicking off the blog I'd like to share with you my beloved followers, supporters, fans, haters, accidental clickers with some photos I really enjoyed taking over the weekend!

With credit to the organizers: @cutthechat & Everyone involved and a big thank you to the man who made it possible for me to come along...the great Femi Oyeniran! Forever grateful,

Grace and peace, to God be all the Glory.